What If All The Satellites Stopped Working

What If All The Satellites Stopped Working?. One Day, Without Warning Or Apparent Reason, All Of Humanity’s Satellites Suddenly Disappeared. Understand The Situation First There Are A Handful Of Government And Commercial Operators. But Before They Have Time To Act On What Happened, Millions Of People Sitting On Their Sofas Know That Something Is Wrong. TVs That Are Broadcast Or Routed Via Satellite Dominate The Market. For International Programming As Well As Some Local Channels, So Disappearances Cause Immediate Disruption Around The World.

What If All The Satellites Stopped Working?

Satellites Stopped Working

All Kinds Of Machines, From Heating And Cooling Systems To Assembly Lines, Rely On A Very Accurate Satellite-Based Timing System, And Many People Have Very Few Backup Options. Stop Lights And Other Traffic Control Systems Turn Off Sync, So The Police And The Good Strategists Go Ahead And Direct The Rest. And Prevent As Many Accidents As Possible. The Most Devastating Effect Is Yet To Come. Because The World Economy Will Shut Down In The Next Few Hours. Satellite-based Time Stamps Play An Important Role In Everything. From Credit Card Readers And Stock Exchanges Systems That Monitor Transactions.

People Are Unable To Withdraw Cash Or Make Electronic Payments. Logistics And Supply Chains For Important Goods, Such As Food And Medicine Pieces Leaving People To Survive On Whatever Is Locally Available. Most Countries Have Declared A State Of Emergency. And Call On The Army To Restore Peace. This Can Take A Long Time. Most Navigation And Communication Systems Are No Longer Working, Therefore, The Military Chains Of Command May Be Disrupted. Many Troops, Including Those Actively Deployed, Have Been Left To Fend For Themselves. Commander Of Nuclear Submarines And Missile Control Centers One Wonders If The Disruption Is The Result Of A Hostile Attack.


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