What It Takes To Be An Air Traffic Controller At The World

What It Takes To Be An Air Traffic Controller At The World. Paul Stearns: OK, Delta 2452, Keep Going. Juliet And Mike To Lima. Charlie, Oversee The Tower, 123.85. Narrator: 400 Feet Above Atlanta Hartsfield Airport, Air Traffic Controllers Monitor The Sky. One Of The Busiest Airports In The World Issuing Firing Orders To PilotsĀ  Atlanta Ground Runway 27R, Taxi Via Lima, Less Hold Than Taxiway Dickie. Narrator: They Wake Up 2,600 Landings. And One Day Departure, In All Kinds Of Weather.

What It Takes Air Traffic Controller

What It Takes Air Traffic Controller

Once A Plane Enters The Atlanta Area, Air Traffic Controllers Are In Charge. Radio Conversations With Pilots. The Guide Pilots Into The Air Through Safe Landings. And On The Ground Via Pilot Takeoff. The Aim? Capras: Performance, Performance, Performance. What Can You Do To Help Us Become More Efficient? Well, One Thing We’re Not Going To Do Is Make Sure You Compromise Safety In This Equation. Narrator: But The Task Is Not Easy. Capras: There Are A Lot Of Dynamic Decisions. If A Plane Is Landing. And They Have To Move Around Because Of The Unstable Point Of View.

Narrator: To Be A Fully Capable Controller, This Can Take Up To Five Years In The Classroom, The Simulator, And Job Training. But If They Do, Average Controller In Georgia Makes $ 145,000 Annually. Jobs In Tower Of Atlanta One Of The Most Prestigious ATC Positions In The United States. Candidates Have To Go Through A Rigorous Recruitment Process, Which Can Take … Capras: Somewhere Less Than A Year. We Are Approaching Six To Nine Months. Narrator: Once They Were Hired, Incoming Controllers Start On The Simulator. Stern: So, Any New Controller That Comes Here, They Used To Come Here At The Beginning And Do Book Work, And Then, Following The Biblical Work, They Will Come To The Simulator Room.

Narrator: A New Controller Will Do Many Things. Pass-Fail Scenarios, But On The Simulator, They Will Have Fewer Juggling Planes. Compared To The Real Deal In The Tower. STARNES: Then They’ll Guess. And Then If They Pass That Assessment, They Can Go To The Towers. Capras: We Have Two Controllers Working Today. One Of Them Is In Training. There Is Never A Slow Time To Talk About It. Narrator: Although, It Happened Traffic Always Picks Up In Summer And Days Before And After The Holidays. But Whether It’s Christmas Eve Or Just Another Tuesday, The Controllers Have To Be Focused. Capras: I Don’t Know If We Want People To Be Comfortable. We Want People To Move Forward.


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