Which Aircraft Are Important In Air Traffic Control

Which Aircraft Are Important In Air Traffic Control? Let’s Just Say You’re Alone At Home. Suddenly The Doorbell Rang. The Water Is Boiling In The Stove. And The Phone Rings. Not Only That The Baby Is Starting To Cry What Would You Do First In Such A Situation? If We Ask One Question From Ten People? Not All Answers Will Be The Same. People Make Different Choices. It Depends On What They Think Is Important. Yes, We All Have Different Priorities. Let’s Take A Look At The Control Tower. Which Controls Many Aircraft. At The Same Time If Several Planes Call.

Important In Air Traffic Control?

Air Traffic Control

According To The First Come First Served Basis, The Aircraft That First Notified The Controllers. That They Were Ready For Takeoff. Will Be Allowed First The Plane That First Landed Near The Runway Will Land First, In Other Words, Basic Principles Of Air Traffic Control Getting Permission To Order An Aircraft. Indicates First Landing Or Takeoff Intent. There Can Be No Greater Justice Part 2 Operational Priority Now Let’s Look At Another Special Situation. Which Aircraft Should The Controller Help First? When Should The Pilot Give The Other Plane?

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